Program Analytics

To help you make the best sales and marketing decisions, we provide full access to a proprietary set of web-based reports and analytics, tailored to the needs of each program. Our experienced analytics team works with you to identify and share the critical research needed to optimize your program benefit, reduce cost, and create incremental revenue. This is all provided by RxSolutions, and is also directly accessible to you via easy-to-use web and mobile device reporting tools. Through integrated data analysis and analytics targeted to your specific market segment, we provide information that allows your brand team to continue evolving your programs to maximize your success.

Benefits of RxSolutions Analytics and Reporting

RxSolutions provides comprehensive post-clinical trial analysis data from all our products. Therefore, RxSolutions can help you see all factors that could create success in your benefit programs:

  • Comprehensive product benchmark data
  • In-depth analysis that shows industry trends and current best practices
  • Demographic and geographic factors
  • Territory-related performance
  • Specialty pharmacy monitoring
  • HCP and pharmacy performance