Free Trial Offers

Are you tired of high-touch and costly sample programs that require PDMA and Sunshine Act Reporting?

Let RxSolutions work for you. Our Sample Rx program offers patients a voucher-based alternative that connects them to the pharmacy for their next refill, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, it makes sampling available to the hard-to-see and no-see health care providers. All without requiring a signature.

How Sample Rx works:

  • Patients receive a Sample Rx card from their HCP for a free sample
  • HCPs get in the habit of prescribing your brand
  • The sample is dispensed at their pharmacy of choice
  • Pharmacies increase stocking of your brand

Why Sample Rx makes sense for your sales reps:

  • Only 7% of physician visits last longer than two minutes
  • 43% of visits never even get past the receptionist
  • 35% of physicians are pure NO SEE
  •  <36% of samples are delivered while actually speaking with the physician
  • 12% of samples are used by office staff for themselves, friends, or family
  • Indigent patients get 29% of samples and 33% go to non-targeted patients
  • Only 26% of samples actually go to desired patients!