Enrollment & Messaging

We offer Customized Web Opt-in Enrollment for convenient patient access — and to ensure better compliance and adherence.

Your goal is our goal: to get patients to start and remain on the medications they need.

Our service utilizes prescription refill monitoring to trigger personalized messages, helping patients remain adherent to current drug therapies.

RxSolutions will work with you to develop customized, cost-effective recruitment strategies that will engage, educate, and inspire patients to remain loyal to your product.

Your program will:

  • Improve patient knowledge of medications and treatment
  • Increase patient compliance and belief in treatment value
  • Sustain long-term improvement in patient adherence to medication and treatment

To help achieve that goal we provide:

  • Integration with your co-pay card marketing materials for a seamless, branded presentation
  • Integration with your existing website content
  • Customized to brand content and marketing messages
  • Patient enrollment data collection through both client-selected standard questions and client-custom questions for a unique market research opportunity
  • Custom text, email, and written opt-in messages to patients
  • Advanced analytics capabilities that develop a rich, thorough picture of patient interaction with medication and treatment
  • Increase patient adherence on their prescribed medication after opting in online.