e-Copay Voucher Program

Improve the patient/pharmacy experience with branded e-Copay vouchers. Our e-vouchers provide copay savings & brand messages delivered automatically to an exclusive nationwide network of Independent Retail Pharmacies.

Benefits Include:

  • Automated program rules & seamless benefit processing fit within pharmacy work flow
  • Reduce pharmacy therapeutic interchange due to price
  • Manage CMMS claims exposure by excluding gov’t backed insurance plans
  • Increase patient adherence & compliance with automatic plan benefits
  • Reduce manual entry errors and pharmacy manipulation
  • Printed patient brand education material with each transaction
  • Higher program adoption rates vs. competitive programs
  • Intelligent business rule designs

Ideal Candidates for the Automated e-Copay Program Include:

  •   New brands looking to quickly grow market share
  •   Existing brands with weak independent pharmacy reach
  •   Biosimilars & generics pursuing immediate patient conversion
  •   Brands needing to reduce HCP call-backs
  •   Brands utilizing other other e-copay vouchers
  •   New market innovators