Consultative Co-Pay Assistance Services

At RxSolutions, we care about your brand and the convenience of practitioners, pharmacists, and the patient. We partner with brand teams to design analytics-driven point-of-sale patient assistance programs, rebates, and free-trial offer programs tailored to your targeted audience.  Either it be Lipitor, Cialis, birth control, hydrocodone, dextroamphetamine, or any other drug, our co-pay assistance program can help your clinical trial patient.

Co-Pay Assistance Programs for Clinical Trials

Based on your product and goals, we help you put in place the programs that will positively affect your top-line sales. We help you attack a wide range of opportunities including:

  • Patient Financial Assistance
  • Patient Adherence
  • Improved Patient Medication Access
  • Co-Pay Offset
  • Generic Intrusion
  • Incremental Sales and Revenue Generation
  • Distribution and Reach to HCPs and Consumers (including channels beyond traditional sales

1. Pharmacy Copay Assistance for Clinical Trials

RxSolutions provides flexible, immediate point-of-sale rebates for patients that reduce out-of-pocket costs and differential copays for tiered products. We design, implement, and fully manage customized ... Read More

2. Alternative Sampling

Our Free Trial Offer programs eliminate the costly process of packaging, shipping, and tracking samples, while providing patients a voucher-based alternative, with the convenience of ... Read More

3. Debit Card Programs

Are you looking for a way to reimburse your clinical trial patients for your products or supplies or looking for something different from traditional check ... Read More

4. Multi-Channel Distribution and Reach

RxSolutions is able to make sure your benefit program is available when and where it is most relevant to practitioners, pharmacists, patients, and consumers. This drives ... Read More

5. Powerful Analytics and Reporting

To help you make the best sales and marketing decisions, we provide full access to a proprietary set of web-based reports and analytics, tailored to ... Read More

6. Patient Adherence & Compliance Services

When conducting a clinical trial, it is important to have your patient compliant with all their medications; however, we all know that is sometimes not ... Read More

7. Rx and OTC Rebate Programs

When conducting a clinical trial, it is important to consider the patient’s needs when it comes to the cost and availability of a product.  Either ... Read More

8. Copay Program Call Center Support

RxSolutions offers live call center support for any of your programs details which may require direct patient or health care provider support. Copay Coupons, Copay Vouchers ... Read More

9. Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

RxSolutions can provide you with a state of the art, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to assist in capturing HIPAA-appropriate, patient-identifying information or other critical ... Read More

10. Flexible Financial Models for Clinical Trials and Clinical Outsourcing

RxSolutions offers standard and non-standard ways to partner while best meeting your budget needs. These include: Our industry leading, and customer favorite, ‘Up-Front’ Approach which may ... Read More

11. Eligibility Protections for Federal and State Beneficiaries

RxSolutions provides the highest level of options for customers to ensure best-in-class patient benefit program compliance with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) as ... Read More

12. Commercial Abuse Prevention

RxSolutions is able to provide data monitoring and analytics for direct pharmacy intervention services which help reduce potential commercial claims abuse (or misuse) and maintain ... Read More

13. Discount Card Services for Clinical Studies

Paying for prescriptions can be a hassle for your patients.  Therefore, RxSolutions will partner with you to provide an industry leading Pharmacy Discount Card Service ... Read More

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