Simplify and improve your marketing with our customized commercial programs

Our targeted programs specifically work to change patient AND prescriber behaviors, leading to more prescriptions written, more prescriptions filled, and overall increased adherence and compliance.

Co-pay reduction cards... buy and bill debit cards... mail-in rebates... free trial offers... enrollment and opt-in websites. These are just some of the co-pay assistance programs that we can design together.

Studies have consistently shown that 20% to 30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, and that approximately 50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed, according to a review in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Co-Pay Assistance

Co-pay programs can be confusing and difficult to manage. Leave the headaches behind by letting TrialCard design a program that fits your needs and budget!

Free Trial Offers

For no-see or hard-to-see HCP practices, RxSolutions offers an efficient alternative to drug/product samples with free trial product dispensed through a pharmacy.

Debit Card Solutions

Highly customizable, direct-to-patient payment method alternatives that offer maximum flexibility and respond to accumulator adjustor threats.

Buy & Bill Rebate

Custom-designed rebate programs for patients receiving biological therapies, rare/orphan disease treatments or other in-office procedures.

e-Copay Voucher Program

Improve the patient/pharmacy experience with branded e-Copay vouchers. Our e-vouchers provide copay savings & brand messages delivered automatically to an exclusive nationwide network of Independent Retail Pharmacies.

Enrollment & Messaging

Boost patient adherence with engagement platforms that feature online eligibility attestation, program enrollment, and strategic brand/disease state messaging.

Program Analytics

Experienced analysis and insight that translates mountains of program data for critical brand decisions.