Buy & Bill Rebate

When and where to use the RxSolutions Buy & Bill/Rebate Program:

  • The HCP provides treatment then bills the patient’s insurance, as with any buy and bill procedure
  • The insurance company provides an EOB that outlines their portion of the expense
  • The patient is then responsible for this co-pay

Here’s how it works:

  • A bank-issued debit card is given to the patient (plastic card or sent to the patient electronically) to help bring down out-of-pocket costs of medical claims
  • Defeats “upstream reporting” in patient deductible being met, i.e., Accumulator Adjustment
  • Filtering allows control of where cards can be used
  • The card is either a prepaid debit card or a customized card loaded via an easy-to-use portal interface

The RxSolutions Buy & Bill/Rebate Program is perfect for biologics, rare diseases, in-office procedures, and more!