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We Are Industry Leaders in Data-Driven Programs That Help Physicians and Patients.

When developing patient benefit solutions, we research and understand your brand, budget, marketing initiatives, and goals. We then develop responsive, flexible programs based on product phases and brand goals. Eliminating barriers to allegiance and adherence to your brand, our strategies focus on ROI through opportunities that increase market share, ensure brand loyalty, and drive top-line sales for incremental revenue.

Our Unique Commercial Pricing Provides Significant Savings for Clients and Allows Programs to Continue Even When Redemptions Are at Low Levels.

Focused on saving costs and reducing waste, our Clinical Study Pharmacy Reimbursement Solutions are designed to attract and retain subjects as well as educate patients about the benefits of staying on their medications. RxSolutions is widely recognized for retail pharmacy-based alternative samples, point-of-sales rebates, and the Clinical Study Pharmacy Card — a benefit we developed to ensure safe and efficient dispensing of open-label medicines and supplies for participants of clinical trials. Our strategies ensure reliable access to and safety for your brand.

Available, Agile, and Effective ...

Known for our superior boutique approach to customer service, we are consistently responsive and available to address evolving needs of your program. We routinely evaluate and customize our programs to measure and improve their effectiveness.

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